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Pre Learner Motorcycle Course

Two Day Course

This is the new Queensland LEARNER Course – It is a compulsory 2 day course to gain your learners licence, the course consist's of two days training, Assessment & your learner licence – Bike, Insurance, Safety Gear is all supplied. This is also the course if you currently hold your learners but have very limited or no motorcycle riding experience.


What Does The Course Cover?

Four main subject areas are covered during your Q-Ride training:

  1. Preparing a Motorbike for Operation covering pre-ride checks and routine maintenance issues.
  2. Manoeuvring a Motorbike at Low Speeds including mount and dismount and slow riding techniques.
  3. Control a Motorbike at Road Speeds including gear changing, emergency techniques like braking and swerving.
  4. Applying simulated Roadcraft techniques to develop mental skills and strategies to enable you ride defensively, recognise hazards and reduce the risks that motorcyclists face every day on the road.

Throughout the course, your skills are assessed as to your readiness to be issued a Competency Declaration, your key to a motorbike licence.


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Mt Cotton




13 hours

Over 2 Days


$399 (Winter Special)- Gear and Insured Bike Included