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Q-ride gold coast Unrestricted licence course

Unrestricted Licence Course

One Day R Course

This is the new R Class - Unrestricted licence course. If you have an Re licence obtained PRIOR to the 1st October 2016, or will have held your Re licence for 2 years from the 1st October 2016 then this is the course to upgrade your licence. R class Bike, Insurance, Safety Gear is all supplied, no extra charge.

Not had any experience on an R class bike? Stay Safe Q-Ride recommends a private 2 hour lesson to gain some R class experience prior to the course, a range of skill development techniques and a Hinterland ride to really boost your skills and confidence - common sense really.

What Does The Course Cover?

Four main subject areas are covered during your Q-Ride training:

  1. Preparing a Motorbike for Operation covering pre-ride checks and routine maintenance issues.
  2. Manoeuvring a Motorbike at Low Speeds including mount and dismount, hazard avoidance, observation and review specific slow riding techniques.
  3. Applying Roadcraft that is developing mental skills and strategies to ride defensively, We discuss the road camber, surface hazards, vehicle space and visibility, correct cornering technique and other ways to reduce the risks that motorcyclists face every day on the road, all discussed while on a suburban and Hinterland ride - the very roads where you ride.

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Mt Cotton



3.5 hours


$180- Own Bike or $250 - Insured Bike included